Batman 89 MiniCo: Batman MiniCo Figure | Batman 1989 Iron Studios

Batman 89 MiniCo: Batman MiniCo Figure | Batman 1989 Iron Studios

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Batman – Batman 89 – Minico License: Batman 89 | Scale: Minico Figures Features: Creation: Iron Studios | Made in plastic (PVC) | Hand painted | Includes base display | Can be paired with The Joker 89 MiniCo Figure Product dimensions: 7 in (H) x 4.7 in (W) x 4.3 in (L) Product Weight: 0.6 lbs



To celebrate the historic production of Batman, the 1989 film, Iron Studios presents in its MiniCo line, the iconic “Batman – Batman 89 – Minico”, in Toy Art format, with the Dark Knight in his unmistakable black costume, with a texture emulating leather and rubber and its classic symbol on the chest wrapped in a yellow ellipse, on a base simulating the concrete eaves of Gotham Cathedral in reference to the decisive confrontation of the antagonists in the film.

Despite a big controversy among fans, who did not approve of his choice for the role initially, actor Michael Keaton gave the character emotional depth as much as Batman, as well as his alter ego Bruce Wayne, being chosen today in several surveys, as one of the three best actors who ever played the Dark Knight. With a masterful soundtrack created by Danny Elfman, the film influenced Hollywood in a variety of ways such as creating, developing and presenting a new genre of superhero films.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, Bruce Wayne is a businessman, playboy and billionaire philanthropist, who, in witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, as an adult began to travel the world, trying to understand criminal minds. He trained all kinds of martial arts and combat techniques, seeking physical and intellectual perfection. He created a uniform based on something that frightened him as a child, bats, and so he started to fight crime.

Product Details

  • Ages 14 and above
  • Size: 4.3 L x 4.7 W x 7 H
  • Country of origin: China