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Exclusive Fitness Superfan Discounts

Superheroes Ultimate & FitNerd Aragon Presents: Fitness Superfan Discounts

Why are you seeing fitness gear in a superhero comic shop? Because at Superheroes Ultimate, we believe in strength, resilience, and transformation - just like your favorite superheroes!

Meet the brains behind Superheroes Ultimate - Coach Aragon, fondly known as FitNerd Aragon. With nearly two decades in the fitness industry, Aragon has made quite the impact! He's been featured in Sports Illustrated, Daily Burn, Spartan Magazine and more.

In his mission to help super fans like you become super fit, Aragon has partnered with some of the top fitness brands in the industry. We're thrilled to offer you exclusive discounts on top-of-the-line fitness equipment and supplements!


Exclusive Fitness Superfan Discounts:

1. Frog Fuel Protein:
Fuel your body like a pro athlete with Frog Fuel Protein. Enjoy 20% off with the code ARAGON20.
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2. Inevifit Smart Scales & Fitness Tracking Accessories:**
Track your fitness progress accurately with Inevifit's smart scales and fitness tracking accessories. Get 20% off with the code 'ARAGON20'.
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Give your brain the nutrients it needs with Iso Brain's premium nootropic brain supplement. Get $10 off plus FREE shipping with the code 'AragonFit' at checkout.
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4. Portable Cold Plunge:**
Take your recovery to the next level with this portable cold plunge. Ideal for reducing inflammation post-workout.
Get Portable Cold Plunge


5. PERFORMA™ Accessories:
Workout in style with superhero-themed accessories from PERFORMA™. Save 15% with the code FitNerd15.
Shop PERFORMA™ Accessories


6. RapidForce® Shapes:**
Support and protect your muscles with RapidForce® Shapes. Get 10% off with the code "ARAGON10".
Shop RapidForce® Shapes


Join us on this fitness journey, fellow Superfans, and let's get fit in true superhero style!



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