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Warlands (2002) Age of Ice 1/2 #1A

Warlands (2002) Age of Ice 1/2 #1A

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The rebel's mission to restore peace and justice in Warlands continues in this, the exciting finalé of the two-part story that began in Warlands: Age of Ice #0! The whereabouts of a hidden village secretly manufacturing weapons for the rebels have been discovered... and by the worst possible of villains! Can the villagers possibly prepare for the merciless assault that will follow? Will they have the strength to win knowing that if they fall, the entire rebel cause may soon crumble with them?! This issue will ship with two covers in equal ratio by James Raiz & Pat Lee. NOTE: This story concludes the two-part story begun in Warlands: Age of Ice #0. The covers of both issues join together to create one lavish double-splash page action cover!

By Sarracini, Raiz & Lee, & Armstrong; colors by Dreamwave

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