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Thunderstrike (1993-1995 1st Series) #21

Thunderstrike (1993-1995 1st Series) #21

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Cover by Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom. Pacts of Vengeance!, script by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, art by Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom

In Seth's submarine, Loki breaths air again with a physical body for the first time in months; Seth has completed his part of their bargain, now it is time for Loki to do his; Destroy Thunderstrike; Meanwhile, Thunderstrike treats She-Hulk to lunch for her help; Going into a restaurant, they pass Jackie Lukus who happens to be eating there as well; Loki spies the two and goes into She-Hulk's mind and conjures up an image of Xemnu over Thunderstrike, and she begins attacking him. The Legacy!, script by Randall Frenz and Ron Frenz, art by Rich Yanizeski and Kevin Yeats; Eric continues telling Kevin the story of when Thor was wrong; Thor confronts Garmund and his vandals, but it is Cedaric who drives them off.

36 pgs., full color. $1.50. Cover price $1.50.