Marvel Age (1983) #117

Marvel Age (1983) #117

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Bryan Hitch's character design for Prime Evil, the villain from Team Helix; a look at the custom Tekworld page by Lee Sullivan featuring Dennis Miller; a look at the Marvel Masterpieces trading card set by Joe Jusko (part 1); 1-page Fred Hembeck strip; a look at Marvel 2099, with comments from Joey Cavalieri; Spider-Man, Daredevil and Venom - united for UNICEF; a look at Nightstalkers, with comments from Dan Chichester and Bobbie Chase; Marvel 2099 page by Joey Cavalieri, Arthur Nichols and Ken Lopez; Hot Sheet includes a quote from Lone Star Comics' Buddy Saunders; 'The Bossmen' strip by Rick Parker.

Marvel 2099 cover by Paul Ryan

Back Cover has a Marvel 2099 illo by Darren Auck & Kevin Kobasic

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